Blood Raven space marines

Paint recipe by cut_the_sprue
Blood Raven space marines

My recipe for grim-dark Blood Ravens to create a weathered armour look. This recipe only uses Vallejo acrylic paints and uses some sponge and stippling techniques to get that weather look.

Base-coating the armour

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First I base-coat the mini in whatever matte black spray I have. Then using a large brush I roughly paint all the armour areas in Burnt Umber, leaving areas such as recesses, guns, pouches and the aquila black.

Once that's done using a sponge for large areas and an old brush for the small ones I stipple on Gory Red on all the red areas, leaving some brown towards the edges.

The red shouldn't cover all the brown base-coat, we want some to show through here and there to help with the weathered effect.

Weathering the armour

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Next keep using the stippling technique and apply Bloody Red to the middle of the red areas, again not trying to get full coverage. For areas like kneecaps I apply it to the middle or to the top facing the light source.

Sometimes I will go over some areas more than once with the Bloody Red to make the colour more saturated.

After that mix in some Wolf Grey and apply only to the areas that would catch the most light / be the most weathered. You can always go back to the previous colours if you add too much.

Last edge highlight areas such as the kneecaps and top of the head with Black and pure Wolf Grey after.

Shoulder pauldrons

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The final colour of the pauldrons is a mix of Bone White and Dead White, but they both cover pretty poorly so I will usually first base-coat using Stonewall Grey and then pure Bone White.

After applying decals I add scratches using Bone White and at the edges some weathering with Burnt Umber. Wolf Grey is used for the scratches on the black trim.

Guns and black details

For most of the guns and black details I'll touch up with a black paint and then add scratches or edge highlights with Wolf Grey.

For some areas I will add watered down Leather Brown to make them look dusty / dirty.

Pouches and straps

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Purity seals

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The important bit with the script on the purity seal is to mix a black with some brown, otherwise the script will stand out too much.

Eye lenses

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For the lenses I paint them white first, then apply Dark Green which has horrible coverage but works well as a "wash" for this instance. Then I'll sometimes use white again before applying Scorpy Green to the centre of the lenses.

Final weathering and varnishing

For the final step I water down Leather Brown and apply some to the legs, exhausts and other areas dust might accumulate. You can apply multiple layers till you're happy with the result.

For the varnish step you can use whatever you prefer, it's mainly to get rid of the decal glossiness and to protect the model for tabletop gaming.


Tamiya TS-80 Flat Clear Spray

Final photos

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