Howling Banshees

Paint recipe by bazbaz
Howling Banshees

Banshee bone armour

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I've added the main colour mixes but you can do incremental mixes and use watered down paints to create smoother colour transitions.
In the end I used Burnt Umber to "black line" some of the armour pieces

Non-metallic gold

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You can mix some intermediate colours, but I find the most important thing with NMM is to work up to pure white to create strong contrast and make it look shiny


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build up the highlights in the bottom of the gem, keeping the area facing towards the light source the darkest and at the end placing a small white dot there

Red hair

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I started the hair by sketching the shadows in the lighter areas and the darker ones while doing some rough wet blending, I then highlight the dark areas up to mid tones and the light areas to the brightest colours.
Only when highlighting do I try catching separate strands of hair.

Shiny jade swords

There's plenty of good resources for this and mine aren't a very good example anyway, but these are the colours I used from bright to dark.
I used yellow to brighten the jade green and then added some white for the brightest highlights